Gar rune


Traditional meaning: Odin's spear

Meanings when upright:

Meanings when inverted:

There is not a known Norwegian or Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Gar.

A modern poem:

There used to be "forbidden questions"
you would only answer with hesitation,
would sometimes answer "no"
just to throw
a wrench in my anxiety's gears.

I guess by now I should know
that if you've loved me all these years,
there's no reason you would stop now.
Not after everything I've ever done
or the atrocities I have yet to commit:
your life is mine, you insist;
I'm the only one you want to spend it with.

I guess by now
you've figured out
that nervousness is my base nature,
that while consciously I know,
it hasn't pierced through all my layers.
Hasn't come to reside
in my left lung, straining for air,
strung up with rope and left to die.

It's said that Odin sacrificed
himself to himself in this way,
knowledge the thing that he sought.
An alphabet to answer magic,
guard rails for creative thought.

Just as fated is Nidhogg
to the roots of Yggdrasil forever gnaw,
so I too lurk the underground of Yewiffe,
stuck going in circles, unable to leave.
This last rune standing at the end of time,
a doorway out
crossed out
with two opposing lines.
There's something in my past
for which I am wracked with longing,
but I can't find it
and neither do I know what it is
and going down is this ship
and the blood
in my lungs
is pooling
where the spear
has pierced
my side
and in my own sorrow sans escape I am drowning.

"I thought I told you-
I thought you knew-
that I'd never leave you behind."