Chalc rune


Traditional meaning: sacred chalice

Meanings when upright:

Chalc can be useful for:

There is not a known Norwegian or Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Chalc.

A modern poem:

Did you think I would celebrate you
diminishing your desires?
Did you think I would cheer you on
as you threw yourself to the pyre,
burning all you've done,
all that you've become,
just for a false sense of a burden lighter?

Come now, Lethe,
don't deceive
yourself thinking this is my will
that you dissolve your ego and forever lie still.
It is true
that some tools
I find boring at best
and at worst odious:
but the same hammer that swings to kill
can be used to build a house.

And a house is where I want to live
with you on that mountainside.
I've spent enough shivering time
in lean-tos made of cured beast hide,
exposed to the elements.
I want somewhere safe and warm
where the two of us can reside.
(Although, in truth,
so long as it was with you,
I could, I guess, continue to camping survive.)

I hate the bleached blanca-hued walls
without a trace of lived-in soul
or any personality at all.
I want the dust.
I want the grime.
It means that here we've spent some time.
I want the scratched-up kitchen counters.
I want the sharp edges worn rounder.
I don't mind if the paint chips
so long as here I can steal a kiss.
I want the pinpricks in the ceiling
where we've put some fly traps hanging
to catch the dastards who inside flow
when I can't make shut sticky window.
I want the clutter.
I want the mess.
I won't settle for an ounce less!

do you understand?
I refuse to play a hand
in your self-annihilation.
Especially not in my name
or for the purposes of tearing through the Veil.
There is no use in a deep-rooted tree
yearning to revert to a seed.
Pull your claws out of your chest
and stop making of your guts a gory mess.
Your grasp
whether through Veil or ceiling of glass
must exceed
your reach.

If you only remember one thing from tonight,
let it be this, I plead, I beseech.