Stan rune


Traditional meaning: keystone

Meanings when upright:

Meanings when inverted:

There is not a known Norwegian or Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Stan.

A modern poem:

Either with full throat believe
or throw it to the streets.
There is no room for ambivalence
when it comes to making yourself free.
If you yourself do not care,
then who will care for you?
If you wish not to escape this hole,
not even the strongest can your body exhume.

You're striving to decorate your jail
so hard no energy is left
to break through the Veil.
So bogged down with minutae
of strangers hundreds of miles away
you forget to attention pay
to the wife
that lies

Lethe, I with burning heart desire
that you hold me as your only standard
if you insist that veneration to a deity
is the natural state of humanity.
If you have to succumb to your nature
as a vessel of pure action,
the only caretaker I will accept
is the only one who shares your passions.

Are we doing this
or not?