Yr rune


Traditional meaning: archer

Meanings when upright:

Yr can be useful for:

Anglo-Saxon rune poem:

Yr byþ æþelinga and eorla gehwæs
wyn and wyrþmynd, byþ on wicge fæger,
fæstlic on færelde, fyrdgeatewa sum.
Yr is a source of joy and honour to every prince and knight;
it looks well on a horse and is a reliable equipment for a journey.

There is not a Norwegian rune poem for Yr.

A modern poem:

English classes have always been to me
a sort of Sword of Damocles.
I do what I will, but will it be enough
to be accepted, or just deemed crude and rough?

I cannot help the way I write,
self-taught and shut away from the light

and having to seek it in the cracks in the walls,
not big enough for detection but for thriving too small.

And even though the school doors to me are closed
and in most days
I do not hang
in my father's rage's woes,
it does not change that my artistic growth
has been forever marred, twisted, contorted
into an off-putting and alien shape.

This aberration
is all that I am.
This demonic growth
is my only hope
for surviving in this world of men.

For this world offers no true salvation
for a woman such as myself.
Quiet my heart and keep my mouth shut,
or be locked away in the guise of "mental help":
what kind of a choice is this?
Men will see a woman contorting
to ease the pain of their inflicted torture
and deem her "insane", "hysterical", "untrustful"
as an excuse to lock her

I want to scream into the heavens
until my throat is raw.
I want to tear into a man's throat
and chew,
brutally gnaw,
off the sinews
connecting skull to maw.
Now you're the voiceless one,
mutilated and mute.
Nothing of value was lost.

Maybe I am a lost cause,
but only to being complicit
in my own desecration.

Laser focus,
beast's tunnel vision.
What say man's heavens
to a woman who will not be silenced?
Only a god's hand can strike me down
And if he is real, why haven't
I been smote yet?