Ior rune


Traditional meaning: world-serpent

Meanings when upright:

Meanings when inverted:

Ior can be useful for:

Anglo-Saxon rune poem:

Iar byþ eafix and ðeah a bruceþ
fodres on foldan, hafaþ fægerne eard
wætre beworpen, ðær he wynnum leofaþ.
Iar is a river fish and yet it always feeds on land;
it has a fair abode encompassed by water, where it lives in happiness.

There is not a Norwegian rune poem for Ior.

A modern poem:

Sealing myself in skin of scales
means dropping the markings of sex.
Creature divine that lies truly between
but sans the blessings of femaleness.

Nidhogg lies trapped underneath
the thick roots of Yggdrasil,
but I cannot allow Yewiffe to create
a jail for me out of my raging guilt.

If I allow the gnawing inside
to render my psyche frail,
how will I have the strength to maintain this form
and manage to slip past the Veil?
It shifts in form and thickness
like a guard patrolling on duty,
but I must be quicker, protean,
in this conflict between us that rages constantly.

After all, there's a prize,
a woman I've been yearning to reunite
with my entire Inside-bound life,
waiting for me on the other side.