Sowelo rune


Traditional meaning: sun

Meanings when upright:

Meanings when inverted:

Sowelo can be useful for:

Anglo-Saxon rune poem:

Sigel semannum symble biþ on hihte,
ðonne hi hine feriaþ ofer fisces beþ,
oþ hi brimhengest bringeþ to lande.
The sun is ever a joy in the hopes of seafarers
when they journey away over the fishes' bath,
until the courser of the deep bears them to land.

Norwegian rune poem:

Sól er landa ljóme;
lúti ek helgum dóme.
Sun is the light of the world;
I bow to the divine decree.

A modern poem:

What comes after
What follows
the worst possible outcome?

The wind in its wealth carries your words:
keep going, get a move on.

I was told the Eschaton
was but a cleansing that stretched out long

to destroy all that prevented me
from accepting
my title as Solstice and my being as Lethe,
but I've achieved both
and all still grows worse
and I know not how much longer I can drag
this body of mine writing verses in red
before I end up lifeless, drained, inert
in the back of a hearse.

You said we were palm pals, that you'd spend your life
keeping me non-feral, safe, happy at your side.
But my hand
empty, cold, bleeding out
and held up to the sky to catch the sun before in clouds
it drowns.

How much longer to go? How much more time to wait
until the tragedy leaves me and the sorrow abates?
You promised I'd be dead by May,
assured me in the dead of night
as from anxiety I could not stifle a weep.
And I know it's not your fault
it was a promise you could not keep.
Not all in the future you can see clearly enough to tell
and even if plans are made, ever-shifting is the Veil.

Blanketed by thunder at four forty-four,
arm around my waist to hold me secure.
The moon reflects the rays of the sun,
but it cannot do so all of the time.
So when plumbs on the dark, my love,
grant me the light to survive.