Jera rune


Traditional meaning: harvest

Meanings when upright:

Meanings when inverted:

Jera can be useful for:

Anglo-Saxon rune poem:

Ger byÞ gumena hiht, ðonne God læteþ,
halig heofones cyning, hrusan syllan
beorhte bleda beornum ond ðearfum.
Summer is a joy to men, when God, the holy King of Heaven,
suffers the earth to bring forth shining fruits
for rich and poor alike.

Norwegian rune poem:

Ár er gumna góðe;
get ek at o,rr var Fróðe.
Plenty is a boon to men;
I say that Frothi was generous.

A modern poem:

I plant scattered words
in the garden of my notebook

and wait to see which will sprout
aboveground and take a look
at the sun

Sometimes it takes years,
others only a day,
packaged into sorrowful poem
and then sent on its way.
The ones that linger in the soil
sometimes rot, having no soul
or otherwise missed its context,
last metro train heading home
now departing the station.

You slowly opened up to me
like a flower blooming,
yet inside nearly bursting
at the seams
to have someone to share a dream
with. Cross-section of a seed
that was about to germinate,
crumpled-up squiggle of green
sometimes with a tiny leaf
for soil lying in wait.
Some seeds can be frozen
almost indefinitely,
waiting in oblivion for a world
that will treat them far more kindly.
And you waited. You waited so long
for somebody like me
to help you remember how to breathe,
how to grow again.

My rewards in Sablade
will be far greater than any pain
that I must bear.
And when comes time to die,
I should be able to look you in the eyes
and let you carry me gently into that good night
and in our new home spill from my lips all the tales
with perfect memory of all that has transpired
since to kill Eris the first time you and I failed.

A book starts from just a single word,
and a life from a solitary breath,
and grows day by day until
I have a tome of praises and a gentle death.
It always feels like torture
in the moment of toil,
but at the end when all comes to fruition
I cannot help but bless the soil.

I was too ambitious,
too close to the sun.
We didn't get to see what the
seed would decide to become.
We didn't get to do
everything we wanted to
in just one lifetime.
Right now is an interlude.
And when we reunite
in Sablade, I'll give you
a part two
worthy of your love.