Ansuz rune


Traditional meaning: mouth, god

Meanings when upright:

Meanings when inverted:

Ansuz can be useful for:

Anglo-Saxon rune poem:

Os byþ ordfruma ælere spræce,
wisdomes wraþu ond witena frofur
and eorla gehwam eadnys ond tohiht.
The mouth is the source of all language,
a pillar of wisdom and a comfort to wise men,
a blessing and a joy to every knight.

Norwegian rune poem:

Óss er flæstra færða
fo,r; en skalpr er sværða.
Estuary is the way of most journeys;
but a scabbard is of swords.

A modern poem:

Black and blue sitting dollar store tree bird
and frozen pack of neon gummy worms
and sea of pillows and socks and blankets
tugged with mouth in vague shape of nest.

Looming overhead with quarry in mouth
to taunt a girl who words is without,
open mouth, shut, gaping, hungry outcry
to let loose the worm that hangs from lips on high.

Ravenous in more ways than one,
need to be fed before chirping and hum
can take the shape of coherent words.
Nesting together. Intertwined wings as birds,

extra pair with hands tucked in armpits.
Head snuggled in neck, close enough for kiss
but satisfied for now with pounding heartbeat
announcing that Muse has not yet met defeat.

It happens sometimes, backslide to animal
when words run dry, of inspiration a lull.
Nest of blankets and pillows, warm lover's embrace.
No deadlines to meet; take flight at your own pace.