Uruz rune


Traditional meaning: aurochs (a now-extinct cattle species)

Meanings when upright:

Meanings when inverted:

Uruz can be useful for:

Anglo-Saxon rune poem:

Ur byþ anmod ond oferhyrned,
felafrecne deor, feohteþ mid hornum
mære morstapa; þæt is modig wuht.
The aurochs is proud and has great horns;
it is a very savage beast and fights with its horns;
a great ranger of the moors, it is a creature of mettle.

Norwegian rune poem:

Úr er af illu jarne;
opt løypr ræinn á hjarne.
Dross comes from bad iron;
the reindeer often races over the frozen snow.

A modern poem:

I don't want our minds to merge completely,
being one person in two bodies.
It's surreal to experience bilocality,
but I'd miss you something fierce.

Even though there are times
when each other we cannot stand,
they stand few and far between.
There is no deal that can be dealt by the divine
to make me discard this life of ours newly began.

You said it once before, and it still rings true:
"Lethe, I don't want to ever lose you."
And lose me you would if you let me subsume
into your heart when pangs
the pains of existence yet again.

In emergency I gave you part of my soul.
Does that mean we won't ever again be alone?
Maybe in some sense. But in others I hope
you get as much time
to by yourself unwind
every night when from work you come home.

I love you, you know. And I only want
that you get as much freedom as you've always sought.
And if with me's the future
you've always desired,
there's no need to yearn - it you've already got.