Super Smash Bros. 4 (3DS)

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Rainbow Captain Falcon Primrose Donkey Kong Rainbow Diddy Kong Missingno Charizard Rainbow Donkey Kong Primrose Greninja Rainbow Wendy Palutena's pink alt but now her hair is pink too Rainbow Link Primrose Lucina Rainbow Lucario Dark Pit but the colors of the bisexual pride flag Rainbow Lucina Primrose Peach Rainbow Luigi Pikachu (Joker Arc) Rainbow Dr. Mario Primrose Mega Man Void Dark Pit Primrose Sonic Pit but color-schemed like a sunflower Primrose Wii Fit Trainer Female Robin but the colors of the bisexual pride flag Primrose Dark Pit Void Lucina Primrose Pit Zero Suit Samus but she blazed it too hard Primrose Marth Viridi Palutena Primrose Link Chaos Kin Pit MS Paint Scribble Sonic Cyan Pit Redhead Dark Pit Blonde Pit MS Paint Charizard Weed Lucina Corrin Palette Swap Dark Pit MS Paint Dr. Mario Lesbian Corrin (F) Light Blue Dark Pit Lucas Respects Women

Sims 4

I'm too lazy to make anything more than a text list at this time.