Since the time-worn strategy of "spam B to dodge attacks" works so well in this game, skills are a lot less useful here than in previous Fire Emblem games. Abusing the Training Grounds function in the Camp makes the stat-raising skills here functionally useless. But others can be game-breaking in a good way: "Potent Potion", for example, can retrofit ally-healing capabilities onto characters who are not able to equip staffs, and "Iote's Shield" makes flying units massively overpowered by removing their vulnerability to archers.

Note: skills associated with DLC characters will not be available unless the corresponding DLC pack is installed, even if said characters are in the base game but non-playable (such as Owain). This can be checked on the crest page in the "Generic Skills Table".

Potent Potion

Using medicine on yourself heals nearby allies by the same amount.

Live to Serve

Using a staff on an ally heals you by the same amount.


Lowers enemy's Def and Res on a hit. Increases with Lck.

Str +10

Increases Str by 10.


Reduces damage from axes, lances, and swords. Increases with Lck.


May recover HP by slaying strong enemies. Increases with Lck.


Increases Vanguard's damage when paired up as a Support unit.


Increases damage dealt during Awakening Mode.


Increases the speed of Regular Attacks and Strong Attacks.

Def +10

Increases Def by 10.

Skl +10

Increases Skl by 10.

Max HP +10

Increases max HP by 50.


Reduces damage from bows, lances, and stones. Increases with Lck.


Increases damage dealt to foot soldiers.

Mag +10

Increases Mag by 10.

Res +10

Increases Res by 10.


Decreases damage the Vanguard receives while in Pair Up.


Grants more experience from defeating enemies.

Sp +10

Increases Sp by 10.

Armored Blow

Prevents enemy attacks from interrupting your attacks.


Prevents enemy attacks from interrupting your movement.

Lck +20

Increases Lck by 20.


Receive more gold. Increases with Lck.


Slowly heals the partnet while in Pair Up.


Makes blocking powerful attacks sometimes emit shockwaves.


May raise power of critical hits and combos. Increases with Lck.

Lone Wolf

Increases damage when not paired up with another unit.

Iote's Shield

Nullifies enemy effectiveness.

Quick Wit

Critical hits fill Awakening gauge regardless of weapon advantage.

Resonating Power

Boosts damage dealt based on how close the unit's Str and Mag are.


HP slowly drains; normal damage rises in proportion to remaining HP.


Warrior and Awakening Gauges fill when defeating strong enemies.