History Mode Types

Listed in Records Hall

Timed Onslaught

In certain battles, your aim is to defeat many enemies within the time limit. Clear missions to cause enemies to appear, and then defeat those enemies!

Clear Time is not a factor in scoring this kind of battle. Simply defeat as many enemies as you can, and aim for an S Rank.

Timed Attack

In certain battles, you must defeat a number of enemies within a time limit. Defeating enemies will cause more to appear, so you can keep defeating them!

Since the number of enemies defeated will always be the same, it is not factored into your ranking at the end of the battle. So keep an eye on your Clear Time!


In the Arena, your goal is to fight through six battles against various combatants. Victory will earn you more prize money, but if you lose, you'll get none.

You can choose to leave the Arena once you complete the third round of battle. If you leave the Arena, you can collect any prize money you've won.

The number of enemies defeated is judged differently than in normal battles. Win the fifth battle for S Rank. Win up to the fourth battle for A Rank.

Clear Time will not be scored, so you can take your time. But be warned: powerful combatants await you in the sixth battle - be ready to test your skill.

Gold Rush

In certain battles, you must defeat enemies and collect the gold they drop, all within a time limit. Clear a mission, and more gold-dropping foes will appear!

The Clear Time doesn't factor into your score in this battle. Defeat as many enemies as you can, and earn that S Rank!

Shadow Rush

In certain battles, you must defeat a number of enemies within the time limit. In battles like these, Enemies Defeated will not be evaluated as part of the score.

Defeating Shadows causes more foes to appear, so you can raise your KO count! Shadows will recover over time. Defeat them to cause even more foes to appear.

When there are three or fewer Shadows remaining, reinforcements will appear one by one. Defeat Shadows as they recover to keep their numbers low.

Escort the Villagers

The goal is to protect the Villagers until time expires. You will not be evaluated based on your clear time.

Enemy reinforcements will appear when certain enemies are defeated or after a certain amount of time has passed.

You'll lose if any of the Villagers fall in battle, so pay attention to each Villager's HP.

Experience Check

The characters you play as will earn more experience during this battle but will also take more damage than usual.

The percent of damage taken will not factor into your Battle Results.

Test of Skill

Sealed weapon attributes are easier to unlock, but time limits are shorter and clear time evaluation during the Battle Results is more strict.

Not listed in Records Hall

Ally Rescue

Several allies are scattered around the battlefield. There will be one boss for each, which will attack the ally it is assigned to.

Targeted Elimination

One or more boss will be somewhere on the map. Defeat this boss.

Fort Siege

At least two enemy forts will be highlighted on the map. Capture these forts by defeating the fort captain inside each one, and maintain the forts under your control.

Pincer Escape

The enemy will be split into two halves, each on a different team. Both will have one boss hiding somewhere in their territory. Defeat each boss and then capture the affiliated main enemy fort that opens afterwards.

Fort Defense

You start with at least one additional fort under your control. Three or more outlaws will be scattered around the map. Each one will attempt to take over all of your forts in turn, including the Allied Base. If an outlaw breaches the confines of the fort it is programmed to take over, a one-minute timer starts counting down. If at any point the outlaw is inside the confines of that same fort when the timer reaches zero, the fort is lost. Defeat all outlaws.

Rendezvous Disruption

At least two bosses will be somewhere on the map. They will attempt to reunite with other bosses elsewhere on the map, usually hiding in enemy forts. Defeat all the bosses. If any two reunite, reinforcements will be summoned.

Shadow Elimination

Two sages/onmyoji will be hidden on the map. They will repeatedly summon shadows with boss-like stats. Defeat the sages/onmyoji and any shadows that are summoned.